Home of the hands on 1 Day Certification Class.

For the Month of July we are offering all classes except the Business class, (now included) $249.00.  That's right this not for each class but for all the classes combined.  One full day 3 classes -$249.00.

Mapping and Business classes

not included.


​We have added to our curriculum how to start a drone business in our one day class.  If you want to look at 7 hours of PowerPoint slides and have 15 minutes of hands on go to our competition.  We are drone flyers and business builders.

Attend 3 classes $249.00

March 11, Saturday in Houston

March 18, Saturday in Dallas

​March 25, Saturday in Houston

March 25, Mexico City

March 18, Saturday in Austin

March 25, Saturday in Houston

April 1, Saturday in Miami

April 1, Saturday in San Diego

$249 special for all 3 classes-

1- Intro to Drones

2- Beginner 

​3- Advanced

​Now included intro to Mapping and Business applications.


Forget all the complicated prices you see here for the different classes, that's my account talking .  Buy now all 3 classes for $ 189 - $249  we are the only company that teaches you how to fly and how to make money with your drone.