We are the only company that shows you how to make money with your drone.  How to set video settings for post production.  How to use automated missions to film your projects.  Don't believe us, ask our competion.  In August you will not need a 333 or pilots license,start learning how to fly now and set up your business. 

We show you how to plan the Mission, upload it to the drone all before you get on site.  Once on site push one button and the drone takes off, takes the pictures it needs and lands by itself.  You only pushed one button.  But guess what you can't currently do that with a Phantom 3 Pro.  We show you how to a 3rd party application.  The above Mission was done in 4 minutes.

Drone Business in YOUR city -$24,999

Start your own Drone Business.  Another first for us.  For only $24,999- we will come to your city to help you get your business started. We bring everything from your Drones to Website to Business cards.  Act fast we only have openings for 6 opportunities this year.  Also expanding to International locations for additional costs.

At our company we are passionate about one on one flying with our students.     We teach you how to fly, how to video and how to start a business, not how to fly a Cessna 172.   No 333 or pilot requirements start 8/29/2016!

The Drone training industry right now is changing at light speed.  In our class you get hands on training, learn how to take your Phantom out of the box, put on propellers, insert the SD card, put on prop guards, calibrating the compass, IMU, controller and batteries.  What settings are essential and most of all avoid fly aways and crashes. 

Learn how film Real Estate

$249 special for all 3 classes-

1- Intro to Drones
2- Beginner 
​3- Advanced
Total For ALL 3

​We now cover Intro to Mapping in the above special.

Forget the prices that you see on this site, it is for the competition.  You just spent $1500 bucks on a drone and you want to learn how to fly it and not crash it.  That is only part of it.  We are the only company that is training entrepreneurs and pilots.  Don't throw $400 dollars away to a company that spends 6 hours going over PowerPoint slides and 5 minutes hands on flying. It is my promise to you that you will not only learn how to fly but learn how to start a business.

Next Class in Houston October 14th $299.00- ​Call now 281-236-5099

Intro to Agriculture 

We Have Created an FAA part 107 113 Question Online Exam For only $8.99